Philippines: Camillian Task Force Stands With The Indigenous People Of The Philippines, Crying Out For Justice to Jimmy Liguyon - Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources

Camillian Task Force (CTF), a Catholic Organization of the Order of the Ministers of the Infirm entrusted with the provision of relief to the victims of man made and natural calamities, extends its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jimmy Liguyon, defender of the rights of indigenous peoples, who was killed by ruthless paramilitary group.

The terror brought about by the present Aquino 2 government, masquerading with the face of Oplan Bayanihan, is greatly increasing in IP communities both here in the northern and southern parts of the Philippines. Human right’s organizations and workers have recorded numerous AFP atrocities that they continue to cover up and deny. Presently, here in the Cordillera, there is an intensifying clamour for justice for the rape of Isabel, a 16 year old student by Captain Danilo Lalin of the Highlander 86, 50th Infantry Battalion in Mankayan, Benguet and the stop to militarization in the countryside which is disrupting the daily lives of indigenous communities. As far as we know, we are lead to strongly condemn any pronouncement of the AFP that there were zero human right violations for the past six months.

CTF, which is presently operating in Mandulog in collaboration with local Organizations, is very concerned for the increasing tension in many rural areas, where human rights and the right of indigenous people are least considered and condemns any act that against the life of human beings, of whatever condition, creed and social status.

With this in mind, CTF stands with the Indigenous People of the Philippines, crying out for justice to Jimmy Liguyon and to all the victims of human rights violations.

Wonder now who’s the real terrorist and the defender of justice.

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